Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Wearing it out.

I know I write about the Beatles too much, so this is the final Beatles review for the semester. I am motivated to review them one last time because of the album Abbey Road. Abbey Road was the last studio recording of the Beatles and their last official effort as a group. By this time the band was falling apart and everyone was going in their own directions. Supposedly being in the studio together was painful at times, which is pretty sad if you watch John, Paul, George, and Ringo through about 1966-67 when they're at the peak of their game. So in an effort to close out their run as a band, The Beatles decided to walk away, but not without leaving one last master effort, a heartfelt farewell.
Abbey Road is that effort. It's an extremely interesting album in that it combines aspects of their previous recording. The first half of the album includes singles, meant to be listened to a song at a time. Classics like "Come Together," "Something," "Here Comes the Sun," and "Octopus's Garden" are included. These songs are great but they pale in comparison to the second half of the album which is pretty odd, in that it blends all of the songs together into one or two 15 min songs. The different portions on the second half of the album are called "suites" and each suite is bookended by similar pieces of music. So while you might hear 2 or 3 different sounding songs, it is just various parts within the framework of the same suite. It's amazing how the music flows so seamlessly into each portion. For this reason alone, the album is considered a masterpiece.
The Beatles wanted to go out with a bang, and on Abbey Road, they do. Eventhough, they're life as a band was coming to an end, they were still innovating and making some of the best music of all time, as is reflected on both parts of Abbey Road.


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