Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Kind of off the topic.

Normally this page is dedicated to things that are purely musical in some way or another, but for this comment music will take a backseat. Aside following music, I also watch a lot of movies. My favorite director is definitely Martin Scorsese, and in a way I guess you can relate Scorsese to music. A lot of times he chooses all the music for his films and he directed with what is considered the best music movie ever, The Band's The Last Waltz. Anyways, its hard to believe that the director of movies such as Mean Streets, Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, GoodFellas, Casino, Color of Money, Gangs of New York, and many other classic movies has never won an Academy Award. In my opinion, its ridiculous.
The fact that Scorsese didn't win an Oscar this year is crazy. I didn't see The Aviator and I don't know if its any good, but for Scorsese to be nominated for Best Director 5 times and never win is horrible. Clint Eastwood's alright, but I'd put any of the movies I listed above against Clint Eastwood's best movie and Scorsese's movies would be better without question. Nothing against Clint Eastwood, but he's not Martin Scorsese and I've never really been impressed with what he's done anyway except maybe Mystic River. Plus, Eastwood has won the award before. I don't think he should not win purely because he's won it before, but Scorsese, who should have won mutliple times still doesnt have the award. How bout next time throw Martin the award, he'll probably deserve it nex time too


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