Tuesday, February 15, 2005

two albums too many

Getting a little nostalgic, I started listening to a band I really used to like a few years back, Weezer. I remember getting the Blue CD for "Buddy Holly" around 95' and playing the hell out of it. That was a rare CD where every song was good. Their next album, "Pinkerton" was different but just as good. After these efforts I kind of lost interest in Weezer, as their next few albums weren't very good.
The Blue Album is a great CD from start to finish, just straight forward power-pop. The thing that's great about the music is its simplicity. The guitar consists of chords while the bass is usually one plucked note per chord. This plus the most basic drumming you could think of composes Weezer's sound. Some might think these are guys who can't play so they play simple stuff. This definitely isn't the case. All of the musicians are good and they make the decision that few artists with ability make, and that is to not overplay. The music's good the way it is, don't over complicate it. However, to say the music's simple might be a little too vague, all of the songs have their own unique feel and the guitar, while usually the main instrument, is not always at the front of the sound (weezer uses some heavy bass in songs). Songs like "My Name is Jonas," "The World has Turned and Left Me Here," " Buddy Holly," and "Say it Ain't So" are definite stand-outs on the album. This is truly subjective though, because every song on the album is awesome.
Despite Weezer's fall off on their later attempts, nothing should be taken away from how good a band they were. Their first two CDs are classics and they were definitely largely influential on some of the music that's coming out now.


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